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Jacomine van Veen

Jacomine van Veen is an independent trend and innovation consultant, applying trends for innovation and brand strategy. She has worked in trend research for 15 years, in different roles: as a senior trend consultant at Philips Design, as a strategic planner in advertising (BBDO), and as chief editor of a trend magazine. This unique combination of experience made her a specialist in applying trends for creative and strategic challenges.

Jacomine’s key strength is her ability to think from the end-user and to translate trends into very tangible insights. Her aim is to embed brands and organizations in contemporary culture and to enable professionals to implement trend knowledge themselves.

Since 2010 Jacomine owns her own company Likely, and teaches about applying trends (guest lecturer School of Visual Arts New York, workshop leader Esomar).

Jacomine spoke at PICNIC Festival 2011

Creative Care Lab: Design for our Future Self III
Day 2, 10:00 - 13:00, Waag Cabin 1
Society Design

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